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Spring 2021

 We are pleased to announce few small grow groups and one connect group for the spring season. Some of the groups are online (zoom) and some are in person, so check each group for location.  We welcome you to check them out and would love for you to join in on some wonderful fellowship opportunities. 

Connect, Grow, and Serve Groups provide opportunity for individuals to develop their faith in Christ through connection, growth and service with their peers. These groups are short term commitments and will meet the various interests of our church community and reach out to our neighboring communities through mission and outreach.

We are a faith community, on a journey together, to build meaningful lives!!!

What’s New!!!
Connect Groups
Serve Groups
Grow Groups

To Sign Up

  1.  Click here to go to church center app
  2. Select groups
  3. Choose the group or groups you are interested in
  4. Sign up

If you don’t already have the Church Center App

  1. Download Church Center App from GooglePlay ro App store
  2. Allow app to use your location and select “the well”
  3. Complete name, phone, email, and 6 digit code
  4. Select Groups, choose your interested groups, and ask to join