Service Ministry

Service to the community is an important part of our missions at the United Methodist Church of Swartz Creek. We have many opportunities for volunteers to help at Crossover, Carriage Town Ministries, North End Soup Kitchen and others. Sort clothing, prepare and serve meals to homeless, participate in food and clothing distribution, provide transportation to doctor appointments. For more information, contact Hope Moreland.

Connecting Congregations

What is a Connecting Congregation?

  • A Congregation who participates in the movement begun through World Methodist Evangelism to spread the good news about Christ Jesus through developing new congregations in emerging/developing countries by connecting them to congregations for spiritual and financial support. Churches in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, England, and New Zealand act as support for congregations in Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, and Central America.

When did this program begin?

  • The Connecting Congregations movement began with the World Methodist Evangelism after the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. Immediately after the political situation changed in 1990-91 the leaders of World Methodist Evangelism sought to clear a way to “stand alongside brothers and sisters” across Eastern Europe. The first Connecting Congregations were started in 1992 in Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Poland, Latvia and Bulgaria.

What is the purpose of the Connecting Congregation Movement?

  • To spread the gospel throughout the world bringing persons to Christ Jesus; to establish new Christian faith communities to serve the whole needs of the whole person mentally, spiritually, and physically in the name of Christ Jesus.

What are the responsibilities of the congregation who acts as a sponsor church?

  • To pray and communicate regularly with the Connecting Congregation; to support with a financial commitment for at least three to five years.

What can we expect of the congregation with whom we connect?

  • To share prayers, hope and faith with your people; to develop regular communication with your congregation by sharing stories, correspondence, photos and possible visits.

How is the financial support used?

  • Financial contributions from the sponsor church are sent directly to World Methodist Evangelism, designated for your specific connecting congregation. These funds are sent semi-annually to the congregation through the bishop and/or conference to provide basic support to the congregation: pastor salary, housing, worship centers, Sunday Schools, and outreach ministries.

Through your commitments to help sponsor this program, we can raise the $4,500 needed per year to connect with a congregation in Estonia. We will be able to exchange emails, photos, videos, and hopefully even personal visits. If you are in need of more information, or would like to make a pledge of financial or prayer support, please contact the church 810-635-4555.