Live Stream and Mini Worship

Dear Friends in Christ,

Due to the increasing struggle with Covid-19,  as we attempt to follow the best guidance given by State Government and the Bishop’s office we have determined the best plan of action for now is to not meet in person inside in groups of more than 10 people.  That being the plan for now we will stream Sunday morning worship on You-Tube at 10 am with just our praise and tech teams and no congregation.  During the week Pastor Dan will lead multiple mini worship services in the gym that will last around an hour with groups of 10 or less. Masks must be worn and 6 feet of distance between the chairs of people from separate households.  The number of mini worships will be based on the interest of those that would like to meet in person.

My goal is to have at least five mini worship services beginning the week of December 1st.  These services will include prayer, scripture and teaching and perhaps eventually one or two songs if that appears prudent.  I will schedule most of these services during the day but at least one will be in the evening for those that work.  In December these services will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We will need participants to make reservations for the same day and time for December.  In other words if interested I am asking you to commit to the same day and time for the month.  The week of Christmas will not be included in this schedule as we are planning a drive-in parking lot Christmas eve service to be broadcast on an FM frequency to your cars in our parking lot. There will be another Christmas Eve Service streamed that evening on You-Tube.  The mini worship slots will be as follows:

Tuesday 11 am

Tuesday 2 pm

Wednesday 11 am

Wednesday 2 pm

Thursday 6 pm

If I do not get enough reservations for a slot we will not meet at that time.  If there is more interest I will add one more.  If you can meet for a day time service please do so, so that we can save the evenings for people that work during the day.  Please respond to this email or call the office at 810-635-4555 to make reservations. 

The link below is the official link to our YouTube channel.  Simply click on this link and you will be sent to our channel which will have past worship videos as well as the actual livestream when it is about to go live.

You may also search in YouTube for Swartz Creek UMC and our channel will be found.

We will continue to re-evaluate the situation every week.  Please know that we are doing our very best under the given circumstances.  We deeply want to meet spiritual needs while at the same time we do not want anyone’s health put at risk nor contribute to overcrowded hospitals.  Please pray for us all as we continue to seek God’s guidance in this time of stress and fatigue!  I truly trust that God will guide us along this current precipice for His glory.  “Lo I am with you always to the close of the age.”  Matthew 28:20  

Christ’s blessing and Strength to you – Pastor Dan